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With 6 years of programming experience, including 3 years in software engineering for enterprise-level companies in E-commerce, EdTech, and Advertisement domains, I bring a deep proficiency in diverse range of technologies and domains. My journey, starting with the LEMP stack and evolving into microservices with Golang, K8s, and Kafka, has led me to my current role serving as an SRE for a company managing ~26K requests per second. Passionate about cutting-edge tech, I contribute to open source projects and my personal mini-projects in my free time.



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M.Sc., Computer Science

Sharif University of Technology Sep 2022 - Present

B.Sc., Computer Science

University of Tehran Sep 2017 - Mar 2022



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Work Experience

Software Engineer at Divar

Jul 2022 - Present (1 yr 7 mos)
Somehow alternative for eBay in Iran with 60+ million active users.
K8s Docker Gitlab CI Go Python Redis PostgreSQL MongoDB RabbitMQ Kafka Prometheus Grafana
  • Took a major role in redesigning the Submit micro-service by Go/gRPC (from Python/REST), which led to

    • higher developer productivity,

    • 99.9% up-time. (up from 99.84%),

    • sub-100 ms response times (upper 99 percentile),

    • average response size < 50 KiB (down from > 1 MiB),

    • a notable reduction in call center load.

  • Optimized the Post Stats micro-service architecture by shifting sync calls to async Kafka events, which led to

    • higher fault tolerance, preventing data loss,

    • 200 requests per second (down from 7K), which led to 66% reduction in consumed resources (freed up 24 CPU cores and 120 GiB of memory).

  • Reduced the average CI pipeline duration to < 2min (from > 5) in a monorepo by employing cache and following CI pipelines best practices, which led to significantly elevating overall developer productivity across the organization.

  • Served as the maintainer of Post View micro-service, with the average load of 6K+ requests per second.

Software Engineer at Avistopia

Oct 2021 - Jun 2022 (9 mos)
An EdTech startup with $50K+ annual revenue.
Docker Nginx GitHub Actions PHP JS MySQL Redis Twig Sass Prometheus Grafana
  • Crafted an LMS by leading 3 engineers under Agile framework; achieving a product now hosting 2500+ users and offering 70+ courses and workshops.

  • Developed a complex registration service with features such as team registration, and installment payment plans, by following clean code principles and OOP design patterns, which attracted 400+ users in the initial days.

  • Implemented a custom secure web-based media player by rendering the video frame-by-frame in JS, preventing the leakage chance of premium courses.

Software Engineer at DigiKala

Aug 2020 - Sep 2021 (1 yr 2 mos)
Alternative for Amazon in Iran with 41+ million active users.
PHP Symfony JS MySQL Redis Twig
  • Implemented a queue management system for sellers,

    • by integrating an API with third-party ticket-dispensing devices, collaborating closely with an external team,

    • and designing a complex state machine,

    achieving higher user satisfaction.

  • Engineered a warehouse security tracking system with a customizable storage constraints panel, resulting in a $20K monthly cost savings.

Software Engineer at Arithland

Aug 2017 - Jul 2020 (3 yrs)
An Educational Center promoting mathematics using creative methods.
MySQL PHP JavaScript C# HTML CSS Bootstrap WordPress
  • Automated Arithland competition score tracking with PHP, later optimized in C# for easy setup, reducing personnel needs and boosting efficiency.

  • Automated the competition participant registration by developing a user-friendly website from scratch, achieving efficient organization of a larger number of competitions within a shorter timeframe.

  • Customized an online shop by WordPress and WooCommerce, which led to revenue growth and higher user satisfaction.

Favorite Tools

Volunteer Experience

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

2019 - 2020

Head of Software Squad

2018 - 2019
Scientific Association of Computer Science, University of Tehran
  • Managed 10+ workshops and courses, such as the first Flutter course in Iran with 60+ students.

Teaching Assistant

Department of Mathematics, CS, and Statistics, University of Tehran


Journal of Algebraic Systems · 2022 F. Esmaeeli, K. Mirzavaziri, M. Mirzavaziri
Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics (OJDM) · 2016 P. Daneshmand, K. Mirzavaziri, M. Mirzavaziri
Seminarium Matematyka Dyskretna · 2015 K. Mirzavaziri, M. Mirzavaziri, M. H. Shekarriz
Creative Mathematics and Informatics · 2015 M. R. Ebrahimi Vishki, Kamyar Mirzavaziri, Madjid Mirzavaziri


  • Data Structures & Algorithms

  • Formal Languages & Compilers

  • Functional Programming (λ-Calculus)

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Model–View–Controller Pattern

  • Object–Relational Mapping Technique

  • Git

  • Network Sockets, TCP, UDP

  • HTTP


  • Protobuf

  • gRPC



Linux (6Y) Docker (2Y) Kubernetes (1Y) GitHub Actions (1Y) Gitlab CI (1Y) Nginx (2Y) Ansible (1Y)

Databases & Queues

MySQL (9Y) Redis (3Y) PostgreSQL (1Y) MongoDB (1Y) RabbitMQ (1Y) Kafka (1Y)

Languages & Frameworks

Python (6Y) Django (1Y) Go (1Y) PHP (9Y) Symfony (1Y) JavaScript (9Y) Coq (1Y)


HTML (9Y) Jinja (1Y) Twig (2Y) CSS (9Y) Sass (1Y) Bootstrap (9Y)

Other Tools

Prometheus (1Y) Grafana (1Y)

Minor Encounters

WordPress (2Y) UI/UX Design (Figma) (1Y) Latex (8Y) Flutter (<1Y) Dart (<1Y) Meta Spark (<1Y)


Go (Intermediate) Certificate

HackerRank · 2023
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SQL (Advanced) Certificate

HackerRank · 2023
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Rest API (Intermediate) Certificate

HackerRank · 2023
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Volunteer/Freelance Projects

The Central Bank of Arithland

Score Tracking Web App for On-Site Competition Arithland
  • The Arithland competition, hosting 21K+ participants annually, and presented in various countries including the USA, France, Poland, Brazil, and Iran, relies on this project for score tracking.


Mathematics and Physical Activities Promotion Game
  • First Adventure+ event was covered by IRNA, visit here.


an IoT (Internet of Things) project
  • Equipped lab devices with small processors and developed a Server App and a Mobile App so they can turn on or off devices anytime anywhere using the internet.

  • The project saved a notable amount of money the lab was spending on workers.



Tourism Social Network
MySQL PHP Wordpress
  • Designed a WordPress Plugin, which serves as an API, and integrates the website with the mobile app.


Ranking Website
MySQL PHP Wordpress
  • Worked as a PHP Developer with a team of 7+ members.

  • Built and maintained a WordPress Theme & a Plugin which work together and manage all the ranking data.

  • Faced the challenge of database design to optimize storing and analyzing data to be as fast and straight-forward as possible, despite of multiple categories, sub-categories, different types of votes, etc.

My Farm

Web/Mobile App Investment Platform
Docker Nginx GitHub Actions MySQL PHP
  • Worked on the API, designing data models, endpoints, etc.

  • Had the experience of completely deploying all the technologies from scratch, using docker.

Personal Projects


Iago's Another Go ORM
  • Realizing the absence of a robust Golang ORM, the project "Iago" was initiated to fill this gap. As a work in progress, the project holds promising potential within the community.


Live Currency Rate Telegram Bot
  • Had the chance to implement a small service in Go from scratch.


Social-Network Profile Manager Services
  • Camel project is supposed to post manage Instagram pages, Telegram channels, and Twitter pages.

  • The app's duty is not only to populate the page (with following-unfollowing people) but also crawling content from other sources and repost them on the page using given tags and topics.

Robot Karim

Financial Market Trader Bot
Python Go
  • Led a team of 3 engineers, and maintained the code quality and performance.

  • Had the opportunity to learn Financial Markets, and also the basics of AI and Data Science, to be able to manage the code base.


Course Assistant App
MySQL PHP UI/UX Design (Figma) Flutter Dart
  • After teaching assisting a few courses at University of Tehran, decided to create a smart system for managing a course process, especially assignments.

  • The project was a Cross-Platform synced app for Android, iOS, and Web.

  • Learned UI/UX design, as well as Flutter & Dart. One of full-stack experiences.

  • The MVP was 70% complete but due to shortage of time, suspended the project. However, extended the idea to the Avistopia platform, which was launched as a successful startup.


Quote Reminder Mobile App
Go Flutter Dart
  • Had the opportunity to work as a full stack engineer, handling server and client apps, as well as deploy and operations.

Sub Rosa

Mathematics Promotion Game
Flutter Dart
  • Created this simple mobile game using Flutter, based on the Eulerian graphs, in just two weeks.

  • Integrated the app with Google AdMob Service.

1401 Fortune

Instagram Effect

Meta Spark

  • The effect consists of a floating egg over the user's head telling the fortune.

  • The effect reached 69K Impressions in just 5 days.

Academic Projects

COOL Compiler

A Compiler for The COOL Language
C Java

Assembler & Dis-assembler

Assembly Compiler/Decompiler Written in Assembly

Neural Network

An Implementation of A Neural Network From Scratch
  • Implemented some flexibility features on network parameters, including dimension, layers sizes, cooling algorithm, activation function, number of classes, etc.

Genetic & Memetic Algorithms

An Implementation of Genetic & Memetic Algorithms From Scratch

Multiplayer Billiard

Full-Featured Multiplayer Billiard Game Written in C++
  • Faced the challenges of working directly with web sockets instead of protocols. And also calculating the required physics for billiard balls.

Quoridor & Battleship

Full-Featured Multiplayer Quoridor & Battleship Games

Insurance Data Analysis

A Data Science Bonus Project
  • Learned R and implemented a project with it in less than a week.

Cancer Cell Diagnosis

An Cancer Cells Diagnosis AI Agent



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